2020 has been a year unlike any other

Having worked for 12 years to get passengers onto the public transport services, we suddenly found ourselves with the need to get them off. Together with the passengers and our owners, we have succeeded in safely transporting those who had to travel. We look forward to welcoming everyone back on board.

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Electric ferry departures


Increase in market share for walking


Tons reduced CO2 emissions


Green trips

CEO statement

A new social mission

The pandemic provided Ruter with a new social mission, to safely transport people in critical societal functions, so that they could proceed with the tasks we all depended on. 2020 showed how adaptable the Norwegian society is, and our experience is that Ruter’s strategy for a sustainable freedom of movement remains relevant.

A strategy for a sustainable freedom of movement

A changing sector

In the autumn of 2020, Ruter launched the strategy for a sustainable freedom of movement. The strategy describes the most important development trends which will affect society and the transport sector in the time to come. Further, the strategy provides a common platform for understanding how we can secure the development of the transport services in our region with the passengers and climate in mind.